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Ranquel native

Ranquel native

Ranquel is a free (both as in "free speech" and as in "free beer") little http server (aka webserver) written in Perl intended to be small, easy to install and configure, and portable.

Ranquel is based on Doug Neal's DNHTTPD release 0.6.

What is Ranquel?

Ranquel does:

  • Serves static content
  • Executes CGI scripts and implements the POST and GET methods
  • Serves many clients simultaneously

It is written in Perl and doesn't need any extra modules or libraries. Ranquel can run as a normal (no root) system user binded to any unprivileged port.

Currently it only runs on POSIX compliant systems. It's our goal to make it run on Win32 systems as well (CGI support is broken, but you can serve static contents on Win32).

What is NOT Ranquel?

Ranquel is not a "professional" webserver. It doesn't include any "advanced" feature such as SSL support, SSI, virtual hosts, directory listings, etc. Our main goal is to provide a simple and small server for basic http requests.

If you need such advanced features, you better try DNHTTPD or Apache. ;)

Getting Ranquel

You can get Ranquel from the Sourceforge files repository (last release is 0.1.2).

The tarball distribution includes the source code (it's in Perl, do you remember?), sample configuration and the Ranquel's user guide.

Feedback and Support
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From the project's page at SourceForge you can access to the bug and support reporting tools.

Of course, you can write me at... Wait! I didn't introduce myself?

Well... my name is Javier Smaldone. I'm the one who started Ranquel (and I hope new developers join the project soon...). You can reach me through my page at http://www.smaldone.com.ar/.

Thanks for your interest in Ranquel!!!


I wish to thank Doug Neal and all the people that have contributed with DNHTTPD. My work has been really easy because of them.

And, of course, thanks to RMS for GNU, Linus for Linux and Larry for Perl.

Copyright 2003 Javier Smaldone - Ranquel is distributed under the GNU GPL License